The intro movie features the infamous DS9 "comet" sequence... Just like the episodes, but with a twist...

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The US release included "Star Trek Starship Creator Warp II" CD in the box with the instructional poster. The non-North American release does not get this bonus CD.

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The ships on the cover, going clockwise from the top are Federation a Akira-class, Jem'Hadar Strike Cruiser, and a Defiant-class ship.

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The Achilles-class starship, created by Gizmo for this game, has a bug in versions prior to V1.03... The new weapon: micro-quantum-torpedo, doesn't fire. It's supposedly fixed in V1.04.

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If you own Starship Creator: Warp II (also from Simon and Schuster), you can import your crew for use in Dominion Wars.

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