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Star Trek: Generations Credits


ProductionSimon Ffinch
Assistant ProducerStan Yee
Lead DesignErol Otus
DesignSimon Ffinch, Paul Kim, Jason Rossilli, Sami Tabikh
Lead ProgrammingGreg Blaha
ProgrammingDavid Stidolph, Sami Tabikh
Additional ProgrammingChuck Hughes, Erick Jap, Kuswara Pranawahadi, Kevin Ray, Mike Winter
3D ProgrammingMarc Reynolds
Art DirectorErol Otus
Graphics / ArtworkSebastian G. Hyde, Sunil Mukherjee, Suzanne Onodera, Gavin Wood
Additional Graphics / ArtworkChuck Butler, Greg Dyer, Brandon Perlow, Gregory Smith, Osman Soykut, Paul Wood
Producer (Film)Aron Bonar, John Edwards
Visual Effects (Film)Aron Bonar, Matt Carlström, John Edwards, Suzi Hammon, Brian LeFrance
Lead Script WriterSteve Tsai
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMatthew Archambault, Bing Crowell, Simon Ffinch, Erin Fritz, Sam Kolb, Paul Mog, Scott Petersen
Additional Script WritingJulian Beasley
Lead World CreationJason Rossilli
World CreationGrace Chen, Bing Crowell, Steve Tsai, Gavin Wood
Additional World CreationCasto Vocal
MusicSteven Scherer
Main Title Music byJerry Goldsmith (credited as J. Goldsmith), Alexander Courage (credited as A. Courage)
Lead Sound DesignJ. White
SoundScott Petersen
Quality Assurance ManagementEvan Birkby
Leader Quality AssuranceVansouk Lianemany
Quality AssuranceOlivia Allends, Sean Blair, Willis Emery, Brian M. King, Chris McCoin, Michael P. Gonos, Bill Schmidt, Kenneth Schmidt, Victor Spiegel, Andreia Wilson
Lead Compatibility TestingHoi Nguyen
Compatibility TestingWilliam Hom, Khoi Ngyuen
DocumentationAlkis Alkiviades, Aaron Malchow, Marisa Ong
MarketingStephen M. Haney Jr.
Marketing  (Europe)Matt Carroll
Promotion CoordinationCarter Lipscomb
Marketing Services ManagerKathryn Lynch
Public RelationsKathy Sanguinetti, Bender Goldman & Helper
Star Trek: TNG ConsultantDenise Okuda, Michael Okuda, Naren Shankar
Double for Malcom McDowellRandy Hall
Acting / VoiceoversMajel Barrett (as Ship's Computer), LeVar Burton (as Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge), Michael Dorn (as Lt. Cmdr. Worf), Jonathan Frakes (as Cmdr. William Riker), Malcolm McDowell (as Dr. Tolian Soran), Gates McFadden (as Dr. Beverly Crusher), William Shatner (as Captain James T. Kirk), Marina Sirtis (as Counselor Deanna Troi), Patrick Stewart (as Captain Jean-Luc Picard), Brent Spiner (as Lt. Cmdr. Data)
Special Thanks ToCarrie Galbraith, Mathias K. Genser, Mesceille Ogata, Denise Okuda, Michael Okuda, State of Nevada Department of Conservation, Natural Resources Division of State Parks
Very Special Thanks ToJohn Vifian
Script, TextsKyle Brink, Naren Shankar, Daniel Young
Audio LeadPaul Mogg
Creative LeadRick Rasay
Project CoordinationJerome Paterno
Lead Graphic DesignerReiko Yamamoto
Vice President, Corporate CommunicationsHolly Hartz
Public Relations LeadKathy Sanguinetti
Lead, Corporate Services and PurchasingGuymond Louie
Purchasing, Corporate ServicesRosa Galloso
Viacom Consumer ProductsSuzie Domnick, Randi Kagan-Casey, Juliet Dutton, Robert Read
Recording StudiosEnterprise InterActive, Buzzy's Recording Studios
3D Authoring ToolMichael Case, Digital Dialect
Video Segment ProductionDirect Images
Blue Screen Recording ProductionBill Nolan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Istari (332), Xoleras (66075) and formercontrib (160022)