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Star Trek: Klingon Academy (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Star Trek: Klingon Academy Credits


ProducerRaphael Hernandez
Line ProducerRene Hakiki
Game DesignRonald Hodge, Brent Kollmansberger, Steve McLafferty
Lead / 3D ProgrammingJohn Panettiere
Lead ArtistPerry Scalf
A.I. / Physics ProgrammerRobert Coultrip
Interface ProgrammingMark Murakami
Sound ProgrammingJude Greer
3D ArtMark Bergo, Kurt Rauer, Christopher Regalado, Manuel Salazar
Mission ScriptingDanien Chee, Steve McLafferty, Rene Hakiki, Daniel Stanley
Story byRaphael Hernandez, Ronald Hodge, Brent Kollmansberger
Film ScriptRaphael Hernandez
Multiplayer CodingRick Delashmit (of Wombat Games), Jason Spangler (of Wombat Games)
Additional ProgrammingEvan Chantland, Cornelia Magas, Tony Martin, Pete Meihuizen, Arlene C. Somers
Additional Mission ScriptingCharles Cuevas, Grant Dai, William Lebus
Main Menu ScriptDanien Chee
Training Mission ScriptingChad Nicholas
In‑Game Movie ScriptingSteve McLafferty
Multiplayer Mission ScriptingDanien Chee
Media Resource ManagementRene Hakiki
InstallerDaniel Stanley
Game ManualRonald Hodge
Division HeadBrian F. Christian
Interplay Marketing Stacy Bremmer, Paul Naftalis
Creative Services ManagerKathy Helgason
Production ManagerTom Donner
Traffic ManagerBrian Harkins
Package Layout and DesignLarry Fukuoka
Manual Layout and DesignLee Fleshman
Public RelationsHeather McLaughlin
Project 'Grandfather'Jim Boone
14 Degrees East Technical DirectorEric Whelpley
Film Script EditingDorothy Fontana
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Motoda, Jeremy S. Barnes
Quality Assurance ManagersGreg Baumeister, David L. Simon
Quality Assurance Division Operations ManagerMonica Vallejo
Quality Assurance Project SupervisorsDouglas Finch, Erick Lujan, Cory Nelson
Quality Assurance Senior TestersEric Fong, Erik Guenther, Kevin Osburn
QA TestersSeth Baker, Belinda Berglof, Bradley Dutton, David Farias, Brock Heinz, Erik Hernandez, John Hoover, Joseph Isip, Harold Kim, Erik Markham, Albert Perez Jr., Mark Pfeiffer, Eric Pribish, Devin Vink, David Vodhanel, David Webb
QA IS TechniciansBill Delk, Thomas Quast
Combatibility ManagerDarrell Jones
Combatibility TechniciansDerek Gibbs, Jonathan Darke, David Parkyn, Joshua Walters
Supervising Sound Designer / EditorAdam Levenson
Supervising Mastering EngineerCraig Duman
Music Composed and Conducted byInon Zur
Music EditingStephen Miller, Frank Szick
VO Direction and CastingChris Borders
VO EngineerErnie Sheesley
Cinematic MusicRick Jackson
Additional MusicAlbert Lloyd Olson
Additional Music Mixing Rick Winquest
Foley MixingEric Thompson
Foley ArtistSean Row
Dialogue and Foley EditingChris Borders, Adam Levenson
Location Sound SupervisionChris Borders
Audio Director and Re-recording MixerCharles Deenen
Audio AdministratorGloria Soto
Interplay Video ServicesDavid Cravens, Bill Stoudt, Dan L. Williams
Interplay TechnologyPaul Allen Edelstein
DirectSound 3D ProgrammerDarren L. Monahan
Additional Programming ToolsJohn Morgan
CastJ. Paul Boehmer (as Melkor), Michael Braveheart (as Extra 2), Wayne Grace (as Poktari), Blake Lindsley (as K'Mpec), Douglas O. McDonald (as Kalnor), Michael McFall (as Weapons Officer), Andrew Palmer (as Jaghjech), Christopher Plummer (as General Chang), Paul Sandamn (as Toq), John Shull (as Extra 1), Fritz Sperberg (as K'Mak), David Warner (as Gorkon)
Voice CastJamie Alcroft (as Civil War Weapons Officer, Freighter Captain 2, Altair Star Captain, Soorex), Perry Brown (as Civil War Marine Commander, Vutwl' Hech Captain), Terrence C. Carson (as Academy Engineer, Gorkon Allied Command, Starbase 2), Michael Clarke Duncan (as Opening Movie Klingons), Michael Dorn (as Thok Mak), Murphy Dunne (as Academy Security Officer, Freighter Captain 5, QeynoHo), Greg Eagles (as Torlek), Ron Feinberg (as Civil War Medical Officer, WuHey, Frederation Commander 1), Michael Gough (as Civil War Engineer, Battlestation Commander), Wayne Grace (as Poktari), James Horan (as Academy Marine Commander, Starbase 4, Wingman 2, Romulan Captain 2), Lex Lang (as Civil War First Officer, Hopogh Captain, Federation Commander 4), David Lodge (as Academy Weapons Officer, Change's Communications Officer, Wingman 1, Povaq Captain), Barry Lynch (as Academy Helmsman, ra'wl'a Captain, Freighter Captain 1, tlHoy Captain), Philip Proctor (as Civil War Helm Officer, Tako, Commander Roq), Kevin Michael Richardson (as Civil War Communications Officer, Garlock, Starbase 1, Tholian Commander, Tutorial Instructor), Brad Sanders (as Civil War Science Officer, Mobile Cargo Captain), John Shull (as Academy First Officer, Hovak Captain, Starbase 3), Sean Smith (as Academy Science Officer, HoDlytl Officer, Adel Radsek), John Vernon (as Academy Communications Officer, Federation Commander 2)
Special Thanks ToGillian Anderson, Rick Berman, Jim Boone, Brian Bruning, Don Burns, Tim Callahan, Jim Clardy, Jennifer Connelly, Dan Curry, Christopher Donahue, Brian Downer, Juliet Dutton, Thomas French, William Havlicek, Chris Holland, John Kim, Clara Kollmansberger, Vaughn Rhodes, Scott Rickard, David Rossi, Brett Schneff, Jay Stocking, Ron Surma

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ray Soderlund (3500)