Written by  :  Alkali (11)
Written on  :  Feb 28, 2004
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The Best Star Trek Action/Simulation

The Good

This game is one of the best star trek action/simulators out there, First there was Star fleet academy which was good, But Klingon Academy is excellent!

1.The single player is very good, with lots of missions to do, There are 6 CD'S! in the game, Real movies with Christopher Plummer as General Chang!, and did i mention that you can destroy the enterprise in the game? There is also features like being able to go to different ship systems like, Sickbay, Engineering, Comm, etc, And Transporter rooms so you can board other ships while there shields are down!

2.The multiplayer is also very good, with huge space battles, Different levels such as Black holes!, Asteroid fields!, you can even hide in the rings of Saturn..how cool is that?, Being able to add cpu's is also fun, or just one on one with your friends, races such as , The Federation(Humans), Klingon's, Romulan's and more.. There also sites on the internet for mods, Adding new ships and races, like the Enterprise D and the Borg! The Damage modeling is also very good!

The Bad

The only thing i did not like about this game, was it crashed a bit, but the latest patch should fixed that.. You might often lose one of the six cd's, which was a bit frustrating!

The Bottom Line

A must buy for all, Good fun, Multiplayer is one of the best features...