Star Trek: Klingon Academy (Windows)

Star Trek: Klingon Academy Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Christopher Plummer reprises his role as the Shakespeare quoting General Chang, before the events of Star Trek VI.
Preparing to deliver the death stroke to this crippled Constitution class Federation vessel.
Although victorious, the Excelsior limps away damaged, a well placed torpedo taking a bit out of its saucer.
Even at the helm of a KIlingon battleship, it's not easy being in the midst of a multi-ship engagement.
Federation - Klingon border
Library screen
Engineering screen
Helm screen
Communications screen
Security station
Medical station
Science station
Weapons station
Damage Control station
Main menu
Bird of prey at klingon outpost
Quick Battle setup screen
Planetary rings
Federation ship Ulysses
Flames burning when credits start to roll
Star Trek Klingon Academy CD 2 required
Title screen from cut-scene
If you want you can choose to play training mission before real action begins.