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Star Trek: New Worlds (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Star Trek: New Worlds Credits


Engineering TeamRichard L. Seaborne, Mark Phoenix, Kerry Sergent, Brad Dodge
Art DirectorTodd J. Camasta
Art TeamJaime Di Salvio, Scott Bieser, Mark Bergo, Glenn Price, Stephen Beam, Larry Bowman
Design TeamDan Kingdom, Daniel Levin
Executive ProducerBrian F. Christian
ProducerDoug Brandon
Line ProducerScott McKelvey
Marketing ManagerKevin Johnston
Creative Services ManagerKathy Helgason
Traffic ManagerBrian Harkins
Package Layout and DesignBinary Pulse
Manual Layout and DesignSandie Minguez


QA Project SupervisorTimothy Anderson
Senior TesterScot Humphreys
TestersAmy Avery, Michael Jorgensen, Asher Luisi, Erik Markham, Devin Vink
Director of QAMichael Motoda
QA ManagerGreg Baumeister


SFX SupervisionAdam Levenson, Eight Ball Sound
SFX DesignPaul Menichini, Tim Walston, Adam Levenson, Jeffrey R. Whitcher
MusicJulian Soule, Inon Zur
Music SupervisionRick Jackson, Brian F. Christian, Adam Levenson
Music EditingRick Jackson
MasteringFrank Szick
VO Casting – DirectionChris Borders
VO EditingFrank Szick, Stephen Miller, J. P. Walton
VO TalentMichael Bell, Kevin Michael Richardson, Cam Clarke, Roger Labon Jackson, Greg Eagles, Joan Parker
Re‑recording mixerCharles Deenen, Marc Fishman, Lance Brown
Audio AdministratorGloria Soto
Mixed in Dolby Surround at4MC
Video ServicesDan L. Williams, David Cravens, Bill Stoudt
Special Thanks toBrian Fargo


Director, Product Development – Interactive and TechnologyHarry Lang
Supervisor, Product Development – Interactive and TechnologyDaniel Felts
Special Thanks toRick Berman, David Rossi, Andrea Hein, Terri Helton, Pam Newton, Juliet Dutton


European Marketing ManagerHarvey Lee
UK Product ManagerChris East
European Development DirectorMatthew Findley
Associate ProducerScott Burfitt
Virgin Germany Product ManagerLukas Kugler
Design & Layout (Europe)A Creative Experience London

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