Star Trek Pinball Credits (DOS)

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Star Trek Pinball Credits


Production LeaderTrish Wright
ProductionDaniel Llewellyn, Fred Royal
Concept & DesignAlan Barasch
3D GraphicsRobert Collier, Jim Hornback, Brandon MacDougall
GraphicsEvan Chantland, James Harris
GraphicsChristopher Jones
GraphicsMark Linn, Danny Martinez, Dennis Presnell, Kaycee Vardeman
SoundCaron Weidner
Sound RecordingCraig Duman
Dialog editingChris Borders
MusicRichard Band
Star Trek theme byAlexander Courage
Quality Assurance DirectorChad Allison
Quality Assurance ManagementFrank Pimentel, Colin Totman, Steve Victory
Quality Assurance TechnologySteve Cabiness, Bill Delk, Christian D. Peak, Anthony Taylor
Test DirectorsDouglas Finch, Rene Hakiki
PlaytestingJustine Mannino
Test Directors (United Kingdom)Charles Crail, Amy Lyn Presnell, Thomas Quast, Eduardo Robles
Manual Design & LayoutUlises Gerardo
Marketing DirectorKaren Schohan
Marketing ManagementDebbie Howell, Bill Hamelin
PR DirectorKirk Green
PR ManagementLiz Pieri
Special Thanks ToKimo Yoshida

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76593) and NGC 5194 (17485)