Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Captain Picard (with Patrick Stewart's VO) handles your training.
Map and planning screen between missions
You can command a fleet of Borg in the game's conquest mode.
Campaign mode sends you to specific map sections for scripted missions.
Phasers mimic those on the show more so than the previous Starfleet Command games.
Between missions you can pick up new crew members at nearby starbases.
You can also pay "prestige" points to fit your ship with improved equipment.
Campaign missions have a story that plays out through comms and bridge discussions.
You can warp quickly to the other side of a sector. Your view distorts similar to the effect on the show.
A mission from the Klingon campaign
Planets are large objects inside the sector that can be targeted (or collided with).
Ships break apart when destroyed.
Nice glow effect on the sun. Each sector does look different from the last.
Start of a Romulan campaign mission
Creeping around with the cloaking device active.
Testing out Romulan disruptors.