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Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (Windows)

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SFC3, being out of print and somewhat rare, is fetching prices above MSRP on eBay, which doesn't happen to many games. The only other game that comes to mind the regularly auctions for more than cover price is Freespace 2 and Kilrathi Saga

Contributed by Kasey Chang (3652) on Apr 20, 2005. -- edit trivia

The plot actually refers to another Star Trek title: Star Trek Away Team, also published by Activision. The Romulans stole the holo-cloaking technology, used on the USS Incursion, from the Federation. USS Incursion was the ship featured in Away Team.

Contributed by Kasey Chang (3652) on May 24, 2004. -- edit trivia

Activision has disavowed themselves of all Star Trek titles after dispute with Paramount. You will no longer find ANY Star Trek games listed on Acitivision website, and the "official patch" for SC3 may never see the light of day, even though Taldren had already put the "beta patch" out to the public.

Contributed by Kasey Chang (3652) on Apr 21, 2004. -- edit trivia

You can download a special "Nemesis" mission which allow you to test the Nemesis supership in action...

Contributed by Kasey Chang (3652) on Oct 01, 2003. -- edit trivia

The Electronics Boutique version includes a movie ticket for Star Trek Nemesis.

Contributed by Corn Popper (69651) on Nov 19, 2002. -- edit trivia

The Best Buy version includes an exclusive Borg campaign with 4 extra levels.

Contributed by Corn Popper (69651) on Nov 19, 2002. -- edit trivia