Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Multiplayer mode
Main menu
The Bridge
The Mess Hall
Some Hazard Team members
The crew files
The crew files featuring ensign Munro
Starting a new game.
Geting mission information.
First view of the Borg
Borg go to sleep standing when you blow up the distribution node.
Plasma filters explode to open new areas.
The health energy terminal
I finally get some company.
Partner on the ground
How do I turn off the forcefield?
A cut-scene where I get a firing.
No one expects the Borg!
Selecting a character for multiplayer.
The Borg are coming, and I don't think they'll be satisfied with an analgesic cream.
Setting up the multiplayer game.
Looking for my opponents.
True to the TV series, the Borg will eventually adapt to your weapons. Which sucks for you.
Making a mess on the bridge.
I won.
Even if you're not too wild about Neelix, you still gotta admire someone who can fight off an alien invasion by firing Phaser beams out of a Datapad.
Wow, four different Alex Munros. How existential can you get?
Is the lava hot enough for you?
So... do you eat here often? Ensign Chang has a lunch conversation with the mighty Vohrsoth
Everyone seems annoyed at me for eatting the last piece of Tarkalian Pie.
The Delta Flyer, pride of the U.S.S Voyager
Are you sure?
Accessing voyager lcars...
Loading level "The Rescue"
Voyager crew in briefing room
Crew of Voyager
Voyager crew member trapped behind borg force field.
Borg assimilation table
Shooting your pals is a bad idea... You cannot go postal in Elite Force (oh, well...)
A shot from the Mirror Mirror Universe...