Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption (Windows)

Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Tyber Zann's forces are a ragtag group of various ships and men.
Ambush in an asteroid base.
You can now place your ground units on the land map, or view your enemy's defenses.
Battle views can now be zoomed out to two levels.
Fighting on Felucia.
Tyber and his BFF, Ural Fenn bust out of Hutt prison.
Leading the prison break as the first campaign mission.
The "BattleCam" remains and travels the map setting up cinematic shots.
All sides get new units. Here's the Empire's "Arc Hammer" from Dark Forces. And yes, it makes Dark Troopers for the ground assault.
The Empire attacks one of Zann's bases.
More BattleCam fun - not a cinematic, but a view of the live battle.
Tyber's influence is shown as a yellow fog. "Corrupted" planets skim off benefits for the Consortium.
Yellow-tinted interface for the expansion. Some new, familiar hero units for Zann's side.
Dirty deeds done cheap. Each planet can be corrupted in multiple ways for different benefits.