Written by  :  James Kirk (168)
Written on  :  Oct 25, 2003
Platform  :  Windows

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The worst Star Wars movie based video game.....

The Good

You get a lightsaber, the sounds are good and uuuummmm... I borrowed it from a friend and didn't spend money on it.

The Bad

First, when was the last time you saw obi-wan firing a missile launcher, or a blaster?? Blocking lasers is almost impossible. Instead of the one used in Jedi Knight or just a simple block button, you have to attack with your lightsaber to deflect lasers, making what should be a fundamental of lightsaber use into a useless move. Tip: Just run as fast as you can to enemies and slash them with your clumsy swings. Force is pitiful. You see the force power bar and think, alright!! if I get into trouble, I push the force button. Pushing the force button makes a blue wave move from where you're standing about two feet forward. If you happen to hit an enemy, the enemy skids back a couple of inches. The weapons are nearly useless. Blasters are nearly impossible to aim and missile launchers make you walk slowly(?!) Thermal Detonators, when thrown, will beep about 4 seconds and explode in an ENORMOUS fireball that does only enough damage to destroy a battle droid and damage you if you don't immediately turn around and run away. Alot of the game is lame-o jumping puzzles. Most often you can't see where you're going and just jump blindly, hoping to land safetly. In the enviroments where there are civilians, if you hurt or kill one, instantly everyone will know and either run away from you or assail you with a torrent of laser fire or (?!) get this, big grey aliens in shoulder pads with axes!!?? Numerous bugs plauge the game. See your character fall forever into a black void, freeze, or explode into a bunch of pieces(?!) if you run into shields. It isn't very true to the movie. Do you remember Qui-Gon having to go all over Mos Eisley to trade for techno-babble podracer parts and Obi-Wan having to solve stupid and frustrating jumping and getting lost in the woods while trying to find that stupid JarJar. The "boss" fight is as boring and ridiculous as the rest of the game. When you finally get to fight Darth Maul, you either have to stay close to him and swing randomly at him or getting hit by red lightning he throws at you if you don't stay close enough to him to get chopped up. you can't defeat him. Just keep from getting killed about 2 minutes and he'll run over to the reactor core thing and just fall down and die. It doesn't matter what you do. If you're next to him he'll die for no appearant reason. If you're across the room, the same thing happens. I know why he did that. He wanted to escape the game.

The Bottom Line

This is truely the embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force.