Star Wars: Force Commander Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Opening cinematic - Imperial star destroyers descend to invade a planet.
The opening cinematic establishes two characters in the game.
Main menu
Load screen, lifted from The Empire Strikes Back film.
Objectives console
The main game screen
Some very foolish Tusken Raiders attack your unit.
That looks like the dreaded Sarlacc Pit - your troops are smart enough not to walk there.
You can even take down some Bantha if you so choose.
The first mission has you looking for an escape pod carrying some droids that are carrying certain top secret data.
Scoreboard after completing a mission.
Imperial briefing room. Note your objectives on the holomap.
Technical briefing - know your enemy.
Imperial hangar bay. You may load into transports extra units surviving from your previous mission.
Tatooine, sandcrawler at dusk. Note you can hide the interface (not very useful except for taking screenshots).
The Empire relies on walkers (as AT-ST and AT-PT pictured here), while the Alliance uses hovercraft and tracked vehicles.
Even buildings are airdropped. Note the rays - in this mission you must safely connect your signal via beacons to a remote transmitter.
Anti-aircraft guns open fire at enemy airspeeders.
Your troops will often engage in combat inside buildings. Note that turrets can be captured too.
Aerial battle over the airfield on Sarapin.
Jungle combat on Yavin 4. Probot serves as a spotter for the artillery (left) bombarding a shield generator (right) which protects a Rebel base.
Landing on Hoth. Every single unit enters the battlefield via airdrop.
Blizzard Force advancing on Rebel positions. Walkers can also carry troopers. Admit it, you bought this game to command these!
Battle on Hoth. Rebels attempt to entangle a walker with a cable.
If you don't hate Ewoks yet, you will after the Endor missions...
A lonely AT-AT admires the serene scenery of Abridon.
Y-Wings (right) disabled the AT-ATs so that Rebel infiltrators (somewhere on the planetoid surface) can easily capture them.
Rebel briefing room. You'll often commandeer walkers with infiltrators.
Urban combat on Abridon. Rebel armored vehicles try to storm the bridge.
FMV intermission cinematic - A-Wings escape.
Just after I thought this game is Jedi-free... Obligatory meeting of Our Heroes™ on Endor™.
Rebel hangar. Can you guess the planet?
Rebels bombing Coruscant city.
Settings for single-player custom battle (skirmish).