Rather than use original John Williams score like most Star Wars games, Force Commander uses re-composed versions of original Star Wars music, now done in rock, heavy metal, techno and trance music styles. The results are... completely dependend upon the ear of the listener.

Contributed by Jason Musgrave (74) on Jul 19, 2003. -- edit trivia

In the UK it was released in limited edition rebel and imperial boxes. You could buy the normal one or a special rebel or imperial edition. The game was the same; just the box was different.

Contributed by Matthew Bailey (1280) on Jun 18, 2000. -- edit trivia

Originally slated for a 1998-99 release Force Commander has undergone major changes, the most prominant being the move to a fully 3D environment and the command system of rewarding actions through units.

Contributed by Jonathon Howard (120) on Apr 06, 2000. -- edit trivia