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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (Windows)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
without 3d card (gif shot)
using 3d card (jpg shot)
shooting the civilians
no weapon foes are the best ones, but watch for the fists, they're fast
ambushed by the ventilator!?
using flashlight
shield regenerators
many SW ships will be seen in a game
harmless robots like these are only to keep the atmosphere
imperial sonda (higher resolution play)
storm troopers (higher resolution play)
The home of Kyle Katarn (our hero), and his daddy saved him a present (the lightsaber).
As in "Dark Forces", Jan will be here to help you out when the going gets tough.
The pigs are armed only with close combat axes, but cut half of your HP if you do not dodge.
A FPS game wouldn't be complete if there wouldn't be some tricky puzzles included.
Returning home, just to find bunch of scavengers to do battle with.
Water, the only thing that was causing FPS games to run slower than usual.
On the contrary to some games, you can use your weapons while diving.
Walkers are one of those oversized things that cannot be harmed by any weapon you may carry in your inventory.
No, this is not a chocolate bar, but a thing you plant somewhere and it goes KaBoom!
Smaller type of walkers can be taken down, but with heavy artillery weapons.
Caught them by a surprise.
Many alternate paths may be very hard to locate, yet the only possible way to enter some place.
Strifing at imperial commandos up close.
This game has something its predecessor did not, a lightsabre duels.
Main Title (from the intro animation)
Kyle Katarn, an obvious tough guy. Thank godness you don't have to face him, as it's the main character :)
Your sidekick from "Dark Forces", Jan, will also be here to aid you in your destiny.
Dark Jedi versus Light Jedi (hmm, or should I say Neutral Jedi, yet).
The game lets you taste the dark side, just as well. The choice of that is entirely yours, only you must know how to achieve it.
This alien has three eyes
Someone i just met
At the bar
It's a long way down
In cargo hold
Leaving so soon?
Green bounty hunter
Level completed
Prison guard