Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast (Collector's Edition) Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

First Mission: Your partner Jan Ors (brought to life with Elite Force A.I.) helps you blast Imperial Stormtroopers on Kejim.
Kyle says 'hi' to an AT-ST. Even with the Force, these things are incredibly tough to take down. Without the Force, Kyle is going to need a MUCH bigger gun
Kyle's first encounter with Desann, the other Jedi Outcast. Desann might look like Barney and talk like Darth Vader, but he's one tough lizard. Without the Force, Kyle doesn't stand a chance
Kyle Katarn chats with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to learn about Desann and get his lightsaber and Force powers back
It doesn't take a Force Premonition to know things are about to get ugly in this Nar Shaddaa bar
Jedi might not start barfights, but they sure as heck are great at finishing them
When they built Nar Shaddaa, they apparently hired the lowest bidder as architect. Without guardrails, one small step is all that seperates you from a thousand foot drop which even a Jedi can't survive
Lando Calrissian (voice of Billy Dee Williams) helps Kyle liberate the Lady Luck from Reelo's thugs
The Cloud City atmospheric converter (as seen in the climatic duel between Luke and Vader from The Empire Strikes Back) is the perfect location for your first encounter with a Reborn pseudo-Jedi
The streets of Bespin's Cloud City are a war zone, as Bespin Cops help you battle against an army of Reelo's thugs
The Bespin Cops try their best, but their puny blasters are no match for the lightsaber-wielding Reborn. Looks like it's up to you, Jedi.
Kyle clashes with Desann's sultry apprentice Tavion. Adventure, excitement, shapely black leather-clad Sith dominatrixes... a Jedi craves not these things
Whenever someone loses a lightsaber duel, the camera does a cool 360 degree Matrix-style spin. Here, Tavion gives Kyle a much undeserved lightsaber lobotomy
Kyle fights side by side with Luke Skywalker against a mob of Desann's Reborn troopers
Luke's certainly gotten a lot more agile since the films. Here, he does his impression of Chun-Li's upside down spinning kick
Kyle battles Admiral Fyarr's ultimate creations, the Shadow Troopers. These Vader wannabes might have lightsaber-resistant Cortosis Shadow Armor, but Kyle should (hopefully) prove to be the superior Jedi
It's raining Stormtroopers! Hallelujah! Kyle has fun with his Force powers in the massive Cairn docking bay, just outside the hull of the Doomgiver
Fun with the dislimberment cheat. Kyle takes a little too much off the top of a Stormtrooper's head
So be it, Jedi... if you will not be my friend, you will be... my barbacue!
Admiral Fyarr should not be too proud of the technological terrors he's constructed. 12-foot tall killer robots are insignificant next to the power of the Force (although having a good EMP gun wouldn't hurt either)
The Force is all very well and good, but sometimes you just gotta pull out a rocket launcher and watch the gibs fly
The technology obsessed Admiral Galak Fyarr attacks Kyle in his own personal anti-Jedi powered armor
The swamps of Yavin look simply stunning, but only the most most robust systems can handle the graphics overload without a serious performance hit.
Kyle commandeers an AT-ST and takes it for a little joyride. The Imperial forces aren't so happy about this little case of war machine-jacking
Kyle helps a few Republic soldiers battle Imperial Stormtroopers in the Yavin hanger bay
Luke's Jedi Academy padawans and teachers help Kyle battle Desann's Reborn invasion force. The Shadow Troopers might be lightsaber resistant, but the real Jedi have the advantage due to their training and discipline
Kyle and Desann, the two Jedi outcasts, settle their differences mano-a-mano deep within the Massassi Temple
Catfight to the finish! Jedi Jan Ors and Tavion engage in a lightsaber duel to the death
Everybody was lightsaber fightin'. The NPC spawn cheat is a fun way to set up some big Jedi vs. Sith battles
Oh, those wacky programmers at Raven! Not satisfied with George Lucas' cartoonish low violence, they took the time to slip in a little Soldier of Fortune style psycho limb severing fun