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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith (Windows)

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith Credits


Project LeaderStephen R. Shaw
DesignerStephen R. Shaw
Production ManagerLleslle Aclaro
Production CoordinatorLinda Villalobos Grisanti
Additional DesignRyan Kaufman, Kevin Schmitt
Lead ProgrammerAaron Giles
ProgrammersYves Borckmans, Richard Fife, Ray Gresko
Additional ProgrammingStephen Ash, Che-Yuan Wang, Amit Shalev
Insane Video CompressionVince Lee
Lead Level DesignerKevin Schmitt
Level DesignersDuncan Brown, Stephen Hwang, Ryan Kaufman, Christen David Klie, Tim Longo, Christopher W. McGee, Donald Sielke, Jacob Stephens, Trey Turner
KFY Level DesignSerge Debroeyer
TexuresJohn Hannon, Chris Hockabout
Art TechnicianAnthony Chiang
Level Technician and Object PlacementJeffrey Sondin-Kung
3D Objects and AnimationDaniel Colon Jr., Christina Napier, Jim Rice, Leonard Robel, Clint Young
Installer/LauncherDarren Johnson
Sound DesignLarry the O, David Levison
Music EditingPeter McConnell
Voice ProcessingClint Bajakian
Music CompositionJohn T. Williams
Voice Director/ProducerDarragh O'Farrell
Senior Voice EditorKhris Brown
Assistant Voice EditorsCoya Elliott, Cindy F. Wong
ProductionMary Bihr (Director of Sales and Marketing), Karen Chelini (Director of Art), Steve Dauterman (Director of Development), Carole Degoulet (Localization Department Manager), Jason Horstman (Senior Sales Operations Manager), Lissa Klanor (Business Affairs), Michael Z. Land (Sound Department Manager), Tom McCarthy (Controller), Tamlynn Niglio (Voice Department Manager), Karen Purdy (Art Department Supervisor), Jeremy Salesin (Director of Business Affairs), Jannett L. Shirley-Paul (Business Affairs), Jack Sorensen (President), Lisa Star (International Business Manager), Tabitha Tosti (Hint Line Supervisor)
International ProductionMatthew Azeveda (International Lead Tester), Gwen Newton Musengwa (International Product Specialist), Adam Pasztory (International Production Coordinator), Aric Wilmunder (Manager International Development)
MarketingTom Sarris (Public Relations Manager)
CastSteven Jay Blum (Computer, Rebel Officer, Rebel Soldier), Mary Dilts (Droid Eye 2, Civilian Woman), Brendan Holmes (Droid Eye, Stormtrooper, Intercom), Roger Labon Jackson (Kappa the Hut, Rebel Officer 2, Tusken), Terence McGovern (Rebel Commander, Pirate Raider, Rebel Soldier 2, Stormtrooper 2, Civilian Man, Trandoshan, Abron Mar), Joe Paulino (Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper 3, Weequay), Peggy Roberts-Hope (Mon Mothma), Rino Romano (Kyle Katarn), Heidi Shannon (Mara Jade)
Information SystemsIan Campbell, Thomas J. Caudle, Ed Chin, Laurel Elaine Woods, Erik Ellestad, James Gordon, Randy Severson, Richard Trott, James Wood
Quality Assurance ManagerMark Cartwright
Quality Assurance SupervisorDan Connors
Lead TesterGeoff Jones
Assistant Lead Multiplayer TesterTimothy R. Miller
Assistant Lead Single Player TesterJohn Hannon
Lead International TesterMatthew Azeveda
TestersJohn Buzolich, John Castillo, Joseph Chiang, Michael Dillon, Dana Fong, Brent Jay Andaya Jalipa II, John Stafford, Corey E. Navage, Alex Neuse, Jeff Sanders, Christopher John Snyder, Todd Stritter, Leon Susen, Scott Tingley, Aaron Young, Paul Zabierek
Burning GoddessWendy Kaplan
Burning AssistantKellie Walker
Senior Compatibility TechnicianChip Hinnenberg
Lead Network CompatibilityDoyle Gilstrap Jr.
Technical WriterLynn Selk
Compatibility TechniciansJames Davison, Kevin Von Aspern, Dan Mihoerck, Jason Lauborough, Charles W. Smith
Product Support ManagerDan Gossett
Product Support SupervisorDave Harris
Product Support TeamKarsten Agler, Wesley Anderson, Darren Brown, Anthony Burquez, Brian Carlson, Scott Carter, Steven Cheung, Larry Collins, Jay Geraci, Brad Grantham, Jeffrey Gullett, Catherine Haigler, Eric Knudson, David Leighton, Bob McGehee, Matthew Murphy, Logan Parr, Paul Purdy, Alejandro Romero, Bob Steffy, Amy Tiller
ManualMollie Boero, Timothy R. Miller
Manual DesignPatty Hill
Package DesignSoo Hoo Design
Package ArtCory Allemeier, Clint Young
Special Thanks ToJustin R. Chin (and The Jedi Knight Team)
Special Thanks in Lucas Licensing Ltd. ToAllan Kausch, Stacy A. Mollema, Athena Portillo
The Team Would Also Like To ThankCasey Donahue Ackley, Jonathan Ackley, Laura Ackley, Jennifer Belt, Brian Benston, Reed Derleth, John Fife, Vera Giles, Michael Grisanti, Lloyd Hess, Joyce Huang, Charles Hwang, Eric Johnston, Armando Lluch, Cynthia Rodriguez, Vikki Spensieri, Daron Stinnett, Brett Tosti, James W. Shaw, Cathy Wauters, Judy Yeung
A Very Special ThanksGeorge Lucas
All music composed and conducted byJohn T. Williams

German Version (Softgold Computerspiele GmbH)

Project LeadJörg Gräfingholt
Product ManagerPetra Mock
LocalisationThomas Buchhorn, Susanne Dieck, Bernd Kurtz, Norbert Wellmeyer
LecturerAntje Sprekeler
ProducerJörgen Schlegel
LayoutHeiko H
ExposureZero Kommunikation
PrintingLippert Druck & Verlag

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