Written by  :  Zovni (10666)
Written on  :  Nov 22, 2002

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Harder, yet refined version of Jedi Knight.

The Good

Takes Jedi Knight and runs with it. That's good for the most part, but this add-on also manages to cram some subtle yet pleasant additions. For starters the graphics are still jagged as hell, but this time they added some heavy lightning effects to compensate, and while still rather crappy, the graphics are a definitive improvement. Furthermore some of the new weapons are a welcome change like the addition of a sniper mode for the stormtrooper rifle (how the hell did they leave that one out on JK???) and a pretty worthless yet amusing on multiplayer carbonite weapon. The game also adds some interesting mechanics like levels that force you to depend solely on your lightsaber and the force, and other more Half-life like sequences (like a cool infiltration levels and one where you have to bust out of jail using pretty much zero weapons. Plus there are a slew of new multiplayer options and models, including a long-desired Darth Vader one, complete with cape and all!

And in a dead-on decision, the cutscenes are now engine-based, which saves us from the atrocious acting!

The Bad

It still has the main flaws found on JK, namely: crap graphics, lame light saber action, etc. etc. plus not all the additions are winners (lighsaber throw as a force power???) and the gameplay enhancements don't come without their price: difficulty. And LOTS of it. MOTS is Hard, REAL Hard. I just couldn't get through it without help and not to brag or anything, but I'm not exactly retarded. Really, it's HARD, the puzzles are obscure, the levels are still insanely confusing, and even the action has been made harder, with levels that have you rely solely on your lightsaber and your wits...

The Bottom Line

An enhanced version of Jedi Knight, and a harder one too!! This one not only requires plenty of fps prowess, but also a real-brain under the hood. Your Quake "mad skillz" alone won't cut it here.... Other than that, a slew of solid additions to a good game.