Written by  :  James1 (247)
Written on  :  Sep 27, 2001

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A must have for any Jedi Knight fan out there!!!

The Good

I liked everything!!! The graphics, the sound, the 3D, everything!!! The storyline was really good in this one. It also introduced the only Star Wars character that made the conversion from a book into a video game, Mara Jade.

The Bad

The only thing that pulled Mysteries of the Sith down were the cutscenes. If the quality of the Jedi Knight cutscenes were in this, it would be the ultimate Star Wars 3D shooter!!!

The Bottom Line

Buy it!!! You need Jedi Knight though. If you don't have Jedi Knight, buy that too!!! Mysteries of the Sith would have been better with real actors in the cutscenes, though. I think I saw this for $20 somewhere....