Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Designing a new character
A gunfight a Republic ship
A sword fight with two of the Sith
A dark Jedi
You receive XP points
A force field in the sewers
With Mission and Zaalbar in the Black Vulkar base
You can upgrade weapons on this station
During the Swoop race
You have a vision
Bastila in underwear...
Upper city of Taris
A targeting upgrade for a rifle
A fight in the Sith base
The Sith bombard the city of Taris
Defend the "Ebon Hawk" with their laser turrets against Sith fighters
Droid to the rescue!
The training to become a Jedi
Fighting a Mandalorian battle group
It wouldn't be Star Wars without Tatooine and Sand People
Nine companions will join you on your quest (assuming you don't kill any of them when you meet)
The inventory system is an over-simplified (gamepad friendly) paper doll model
A stealth field generator lets your scoundrel (thief) character perform the ever popular backstab attack
The path of the light side is difficult but a true Master Jedi is a force to be reckoned with.
You'll meet a lot of exotic characters and engage in various conversations. This Twilek is about to give you a side quest
Courtyard with Jedi Masters
Romantic problems under scorching sun. Ladies! Don't be jealous! There is enough space in my ship for both of you!..
Posing with my new Wookie friend on Kashyyyk
Depending on your actions, you'll develop different relationships with your companions
In your very own spaceship, with some new friends
Use this map to travel to different planets!..
Your sexy Twilek companion is posing for the camera in basic clothes
Are you sure you want to buy food from a guy who looks like this?..
A bustling city on Manaan. There are many... fish people here
Such decisions will steer you towards the Light or the Dark side, affecting gameplay as well
Jolee just wants to tell this guy that the Sith Academy needs a new interior decorator
We decided to take a vacation!.. With weapons and armor and all
Few RPGs are complete without an ancient temple where the most important doors are locked
A Rakghoul beast in the slums
The starmap at Manaan
The ceremonial daggers at Korriban
Aboard the Yavin space station
The fight against Uthar Wynn
Aboard the Leviathan
The Rakata's prison
A decisive battle late in the game. Will you succeed?..