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Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter + Balance of Power (Windows)

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GameStar (Germany)
Das Hauptaugenmerk von X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter liegt auf Mehrspielerschlachten, und die erweisen sich trotz guten Designs auf Dauer als zu langweilig – gerade Teameinsätze lassen sich einfach zu schwer koordinieren. Die Rettung heißt Balance of Power: Die beiden nachgelieferten Kampagnen bescheren auch Solospielern spannende Kämpfe. Starke Nerven sollten Sie ob des heftigen Schwierigkeitsgrads aber schon besitzen. Wenn Sie außerdem schon immer mal flotte Weltraumkämpfe im Netzwerk austragen wollten, ist X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter nach wie vor ohne Konkurrenz.
Minor complaints aside, Totally Games and LucasArts have finally delivered the game that was so anxiously anticipated prior to X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter's release. Balance of Power perhaps arrives a little late, but it is certainly successful in making X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter one of the best games to be released in 1997 - and is still the only multiplayer space sim worth its weight in Jawas.
Just Games Retro
Balance of Power is an excellent expansion, serving up extended campaigns for both factions that are on par with those offered in the series prior. It’s unquestionably a better single-player experience than X-Wing vs TIE Fighter’s skirmish and battle modes, though Totally Games hasn’t given up on its multiplayer aspirations just yet. Many missions seem explicitly designed for co-op, and while a solo pilot can hold their own, they might need to do so at a lower difficulty or with handicaps turned on. If you want another excellent X-Wing/TIE Fighter campaign, it’s here. If you happen to have a squadron of buddies to plow through it with, you’ll have a blast. If you want something more focused on the single player, you’ll still need to skip ahead to X-Wing: Alliance.