Star Wolves Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Instructions from the playable tutorial.
Your starting ship.
A fighter ship; the instructor is piloting it.
Scene from the intro movie: Merchant ship under attack
Found / made some salvage
The Star Wolv, home of the Star Wolves and self made battleship
space battle
mission map
Hmm I'm the pirate today!
trade screen
The game has some amazing graphical effects.
An abandoned space station.
Story screen.
Team screen
Single enemy ship is easy target
A little space battle, two enemy ships to eliminate.
Big space and little ships
map & missions
News - important info.
Space stations, or big ship.
Vectors everythere - very useful
Simple gun - ship equipment.
beautiful background.
Map & move vector
enemies are far away.
fire on the left side!
Next vectors....