Business Model Attribute Image Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required Pentium
Minimum OS Class Required Windows 95
Minimum RAM Required 16 MB
Media Type Attribute Image CD-ROM
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required 2X
Minimum DirectX Version Required DirectX 2
Video Modes Supported Full screen, SVGA/XGA (640*480)
Sound Capabilities Attribute Image Dolby Surround
Input Devices Supported Attribute Image Keyboard, Attribute Image Mouse
Multiplayer Options Attribute Image Internet, Attribute Image LAN, Modem, Null-modem cable
Number of Players: Offline Attribute Image 1 Player
Number of Players: Online 8 Players
Multiplayer Game Modes Bots, Free-for-all / One-on-one, Team
  • CPU Class: Pentium 90 Mhz or equivalent
  • 80 MB HD space
  • Modem play: 14400 Kbps (2 players, 2 PC's connected) or null modem cable (up to 4 players, 2 or more PC's connected)
  • IPX Network of 8 players

Technical information contributed by Sciere (505904), MajorDad (536), Xoleras (66829), The cranky hermit (575) and formercontrib (159514)