Starlancer Credits (Windows)

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Starlancer Credits


ProducerErin D. Roberts
Executive ProducerChris Roberts
Original ConceptNick Elms, Philip Meller, Erin D. Roberts
Game DesignPaul Chapman, Nick Elms, Paul Hughes, Stuart Jennett, Philip Meier, Eric Peterson, Erin D. Roberts, Rob Taylor-Hendry
Project CoordinatorRob Taylor-Hendry
Associate Project CoordinatorPaul Chapman, Simon Elms, Phil Gaskell
Associate ProducerEric Peterson
Lead ProgrammersPaul Hughes, Derek Senior
ProgrammingDavid Anthony, Jason Blundell, Kevin Ng
Art DirectionNick Elms, Philip Meller
ArtPaul Chapman, Michael P. Cottam, Stuart Jennett, Paul David Jones, Nolan Rowles, Andrew Whalley
Mission DesignZuby Ahmed, Nick Elms, Brian J. Flanagan, Simon Harris, Philip Mervik, Steve Routledge, Darren Vaile, Will Whitehead
Music and Sound Effects - WarthogDavid Blinston, Ian Livingstone
Speech and Sound Effects - Digital AnvilMartin Galway, Amy Hughes
FMV ‑ WarthogMichael P. Cottam, Roy Fielding, John Hackleton, Paul David Jones, John Lomax, Andrew Whalley
FMV ‑ Digital AnvilRhett Bennatt, Rodney Brunet, Michael Cahill, Brad Doan, John Ford, Lara Foss, Dean McCall, Scott Peterson, Jake Rodgers, Pauline Saab, John Sommer, Sarma Vanguri, Robert Wall
Program ManagersRobert W. Lindsley, Jonathan Sposato
Product ManagerTodd Stevens
Quality Assurance ‑ WarthogMarvin James, Jon Radcliffe, Jon Spencer, Mike Taylor, Timothy Welch
Quality Assurance ‑ MicrosoftCharles Cooper, Curtis Creamer, Jeff Goetz, Matt Gradwohl, Mike Jones, Megan L. Roberts, Mark Thomas
LocalizationSuzanne Boylan, Michel Buch-Anderson, Aidan Cunnion, David Foster, Michael Ivory, Laurence Krzemien-Smith
PlaytestingBill Fulton, Howard Phillips, Ramon Romero, Dina Suda

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (23942)