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Starshatter (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Starshatter Credits


ProducerJohn DiCamillo
DesignerJohn DiCamillo
Lead ProgrammerJohn DiCamillo
nGen ProgrammerJohn DiCamillo
Magic3D ProgrammerJohn DiCamillo
Art DirectorSean Moser
3D ArtworkJohn DiCamillo, Sean Moser
2D ArtworkJohn DiCamillo, Sean Moser
Additional ModelingVille Ikonen
Sound EffectsJohn DiCamillo
Original MusicMary P. DiCamillo (Dr.)
Streaming AudioOgg Vorbis by Xiphophorous
Player ManualJohn DiCamillo

Matrix Games Credits

Executive ProducerDavid Heath
Associate ProducersShaun Wallace, Marc Schwanebeck
Manual Layout and DesignMichael Eckenfels, Marc Schwanebeck

Quality Assurance

Beta Team LeadsCrazy Eddie, Mehrunes, Pheagey
Beta TestersDragon Lady, cybersleuth58, ravenMKII, sky_walker, se5a, DamoclesX, Henry, executioner_de, FLY135, Ancient Angel, Phoenix Starflare, Vice, Daedalus, Deadmannumberone, Deslok, Gunfighter, sniperscope, Swordsman, Steelviper33, Phear, spacedad62, loafer, mldaalder, URG_thrash, Gmicek, Veloxi, Darkelyte, bliu, Slaor, Maddi, Qrias, xaotik, Blair, Slippy, Lord QDaan, A2597, Lord Darkstar, Mr_Torgo, Rhett, Col. Blackwolf, starbird34, fattytheking, Maurader, FS_Lancer, GreenJedi, Mopar, Bloodborg, tyrkina, amwhere, Bollinger, texmurph, trancetopia, XPav, Fallen_angel, panick, Game Ender, Spector445, Magus, Darrylbar, Kallis, river, Stuntie, Kurimuzon, Ace1, John Rowan, Matti Kuokkanen, Parias, Livid Hybrid, Mutos, Seawolf156, Leonides, Elenkis, RedMenace, Bob McDobb, bk_raven, Dekzar, Mark Garanchon, jwal, Mark Hymer, Ploppy, Red Menace, Rick BC, dukrous, nanoprobe, Vespero, Alex Belton, Brian Rubin, Jason Ross, John Magarrell, Pumpkin Patch, Tony Molder, Ian Woodmancy

Creative Consultants

DesignGreg Eakin
GraphicsMark DiCamillo

Technical Consultants

AerodynamicsJoseph R. DiCamillo
Digital Control SystemsDavid Jenkins
Dynamic CampaignJohn Franklin Walker


Special ThanksKen Beckett, Richard Brewer, David Coy, Dan Foy, Jill Goldworn, Marc Hudgins, Randy Littlejohn, Jack Nichols, Jayesh J. Patel, David Ray, Jeffrey Reitman, John Franklin Walker, Prime Sounds, Propellerheads, Sound Ideas, Xiphophorous
Extra Special ThanksMary P. DiCamillo, Marisa DiCamillo, Michael DiCamillo
Our StrengthWe thank God for giving us the ability and strength to follow our dreams.
Public Relations, [email protected]

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