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Starship Titanic (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

An unexpected disappointment from Douglas Adams LeChimp (304) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Mostly Hot Air Ola Sverre Bauge (235) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
Bad, Bad, Bad. Davedog (89) 0.86 Stars0.86 Stars0.86 Stars0.86 Stars0.86 Stars
Where is the story? Julian McKenzie (159) 2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars2.86 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.5
Text Parser How sophisticated the text parser is, how appropriate its responses are, etc. 2.5
Overall MobyScore (20 votes) 2.8

The Press Says

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The DOS Spirit
Jeg kan ikke si stort mer enn at dette var et spill forut for sin tid. Det er synd at det ikke kommer flere innen denne spesielle sjangeren da Douglas Adams døde i 2001. Golden DOS Spirit tildeles både som fortjent og som en hyllest til en av vår tids beste humorister.
Entertainment Weekly
How freeing it feels, on the other hand, to ''converse'' with a whole cast of deranged, sass-talking robots. So maybe they're not Leonardo DiCaprio — this Titanic seems equally destined to leave the competition in its wake.
PC Zone
But mostly I've decided to award Starship Titanic a Classic rating because of one thing: simply that it's turned around to a moribund software industry and said: 'You want to just sit there and chase each other's tails? Fine. We're going to do things our way.' And the result is a piece of software that not only shatters several long-held illusions about what's possible in this genre, but innovates and is filled with everything that's right about adventure gaming. Other developers take note: this is the shape of things to come.
Game Revolution
Difficulty nonwithstanding, I have truly enjoyed my time spent aboard the ship. The music is great - they must have speakers hidden behind the potted plants in every room. The sound is pleasant as well, particularly the voice-acting. The parrot sounds remarkably like Monty Pythoner Terry Jones, the bomb may or may not be yet another Python twit, and I swear that ringmaster Douglas Adams is speaking to me through the Succubus (you'll see...). I often find myself laughing out loud while pulling out the remains of my hair.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Curse Douglas Adams! Here I am, responsible for simultaneously previewing, reviewing, and playing several games, and all I can do is frolic with this tripped-out piece of adventure gaming lunacy called Starship Titanic. There is a stack of unfinished work on my desk, plus an even higher pile of games waiting to be perused, and my only thoughts are of needling a first class upgrade out of Marsinta Drewbish, the DeskBot. If you have ever picked up a copy of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" or a Dirk Gently novel and found yourself incapable of putting it down, steer clear of this game or put your life on hold. It is fun; it is challenging; it will have you in stitches; and it manages to bust the seams of adventure gaming convention wide open.
Electric Games
The game isn't overly long, but there's enough gameplay to keep you busy for awhile. The end sequence features a narrative by Douglas Adams himself, and contains one of the funniest lines I've heard in a game in a long time. Bottom Line: Excellent graphics, wonderful sound, and some of the best voice acting I've heard in a game in some time. The game has a great sense of humor, and features some of the most original characters seen in an adventure game. The interface is well thought-out, but some actions remain difficult to follow. Ten year old technology comes back to haunt us in the form of a text parser. If you're an Adams fan, or just want to play a good adventure game, this one's for you.
Overall, Starship got my respect showing that companies are willing to make more than just graphical wonders. You will definitely enjoy the humor integrated into Starship Titanic. Plus the puzzles will keep you on your toes. I warn you this is a hard game to put down. So with that take a chance and enter the twisted world of Douglas Adams Starship Titanic.
All in all, Starship Titanic is an enjoyable tribute to an older era of adventure gaming. It feels a bit empty at times, but Douglas Adams fans and text-adventurers will undoubtedly be able to look past its shortcomings.
All Game Guide
Starship Titanic is an intelligent game that forces the player to think laterally. It can be very a challenging, but it's always user-friendly, visually impressive, and very, very funny.
PC Action
Wahrscheinlich muß man schon begeistert als Anhalter in der Galaxis unterwegs gewesen sein, um Starship Titanic uneingeschränkt zu lieben. Der "normale" Adventure-Spieler wird sicherlich das Interface umständlich finden, bei dem man ständig zwischen mehreren Ebenen hin- und herschalten muß. Auch in grafischer Hinsicht bietet Starship Titanic wenig Revolutionäres. Es ist Douglas Adams’ überströmende Phantasie, die diesem Programm eine ganz besondere Note verleiht.
PC Player (Germany)
Daß der ehrenwerte Mr. Adams der allgewaltige Programmverantwortliche ist, merke ich spätestens bei der Unterhaltung mit den mechanischen Dienern. Die weitschweifigen Kommentare, die diese von sich geben, kämen einen normalen Entwickler niemals in den Sinn. Leider bringen sie wenig spielerische Substanz.
Science Fiction Weekly
While I enjoyed the humorous and surreal vision of Douglas Adams, the story wasn't really compelling, and by the end of the game it was just too much and all I wanted was to get off the ship.
Die Grafik gefällt mir, die Sprachausgabe ist sehr witzig, ich hasse den Papagei (das soll ein Lob sein!) und die Persönlichkeiten der Bots sind überaus gelungen. So. Das war die Haben-Seite.Die Rätsel sind jedoch teilweise unfair (warum kann man das Muster auf den Stühlen im Musikraum so schlecht erkennen? Pure Schikane. Siehe auch bei Spielbarkeit). Und von der mangelnden Handlung wollen wir an dieser Stelle nicht weiter sprechen, zumal sie noch nicht einmal ordentlich ausgebaut wird: man bekommt zwar durch die E-Mails der drei Erbauer des Schiffes einiges mit, so richtig Licht ins Dunkel bringt allerdings erst das Buch. Welches allerdings eine Geschichte erzählt, die nicht mit der des Spiels in Einklang zu bringen ist.Die übertriebene Herumrennerei in Tateinheit mit der dürftigen Handlung brechen dem Spiel das Genick. Zwischen den einzelnen Witzen vergeht viel zuviel Zeit, um den Spieler noch bei der Stange zu halten.
Power Play
Douglas Adams mag für genial-skurrile Prosa verantwortlich sein, aber Prosa ist Prosa und Schnaps ist Schnaps! Und ein Spiel ist eben ein Spiel — die etwas umständliche (und nicht eben schnelle) Steuerung, die gepflegt staubfreie Langeweile in den desinfiziert glänzenden Gigantomarmor-Hallen und die irgendwie allgegenwärtige Sinnlosigkeit des Seins werden von Adams‘ Scherzen allein nicht aufgewogen, so abgefahren sie auch sein mögen. Starship Titanic ist weniger ein Spiel als ein exotisches (Un-) Sittengemälde voller schriller Farben und bizarrer Pinselstriche. Leider geht aber der Nonsense-Gesamtzusammenhang verloren; das hämmernde Stakkato der Gags funktioniert bloß im Buch,. hier hingegen läuft man halt so in den Heiligen Hallen herum. Aber Witzig ist‘s dann doch immer wieder, weshalb zu vermuten steht, daß vielen Freunden von Seltsamkeiten diese Titanic gerade recht kommt.
Computer Games Magazine
Diehard Adams fans will want to play this game, regardless of its problems, because it is certainly imbued with his presence. Others may want to buy it for the cool 3D glasses. There is just not enough Douglas Adams. Gone are his descriptions, his storytelling, the entirety of his spin on the universe. Present are spurts of his comic genius in a beautiful but somewhat cumbersome experience. Dirk Gently into the night, Mr. Adams, and visit us again soon with a natural language processor that cuts the chicken's mustard.
There is a book called Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic that was written by Monty Python's Terry Jones and published around six months ago. You don't need to read the book to play the game, but it does help to fill in much of the background which is hardly fleshed-out at all here. I'm pointing this out, not as a criticism, but only to set the matter straight. Starship Titanic is more about puzzles and conversation than telling a story.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
But for all the effort, the game’s just not very funny. Where STARSHIP TITANIC excels is in beautiful visuals, and those are a dime a dozen in adventure games these days. The puzzles are a little better than average, but just a little. It’s unlikely that anyone will enjoy STARSHIP TITANIC half as much as Legend’s uglier, but much funnier, CALLAHAN’S CROSSTIME SALOON. It’s a shame, because Douglas Adams is such an enormous talent (not to mention a passionate and knowledgeable gamer), but it seems highly likely that this TITANIC’S success will resemble that of its nautical, rather than that of its cinematic, namesake.
Les fans des jeux d'aventure trouveront sans doute Starship Titanic amusant. Les autres ne pardonneront pas les tares habituelles au genre, à savoir une linéarité éprouvante et un rythme affreusement mou. Comme le jeu n'est de surcroît pas dénué de défauts, comme le principe des mots-clefs qui rend toute sa dimension textuelle inintéressante ou ses temps de chargement incessants, il est impossible de le conseiller à qui que ce soit d'autre. Pour les mordus d'aventure en état manque uniquement.
What makes all this truly disappointing is the game's pedigree: Starship Titanic is the brainchild of Douglas Adams, whose book A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has all the qualities -- interesting characters, wacky situations, and humor that manages to be simultaneously bizarre and subtle -- that could have saved this game from sinking into obscurity. As it stands, though, about the only gamers who'll get their money's worth out of Starship Titanic are devoted Douglas Adams fans -- and even then only the most patient need apply.
Cincinnati Enquirer
Starship Titanic should be commended for trying to bring back a game style that has long since been forgotten. It sounds like a good idea, combining today's high-tech graphics with yesterday's text-based gaming. Too bad that they mix about as well as cruise liners and icebergs.
Adventure Gamers
Starship Titanic makes for some nice screen shots and features some beautiful animation, but that's where the positives end. Considering it received quite a bit of attention from gaming publications, it's really a shame that it's such a disappointment. If adventure gaming is ever going to make a real comeback we don't need quirky Myst clones at the forefront—especially ones that take two years to make.
PC Games (Germany)
Man merkt dem Adventure an, daß der Adams-typische Humor den Designern wichtiger war als plausible Puzzles – oft genug nimmt das Spiel sich sogar selbst auf die Schippe! Deutliche Schwachpunkte: Die trockenen englischen Gags kommen bei Festländern nur zögerlich oder gar nicht an. Außerdem nervt der ständige Wechsel zwischen den drei CD-ROMs. Mehr als ein müdes Lächeln entlockte uns dieses Adventure leider nicht.
GameStar (Germany)
Motivationslos klicke ich mich durch entvölkerte Gänge und besichtige das nett gerenderte Interieur. In einer Wandnische entdecke ich drei Hebel - ein weiteres langweiliges Kombinations-Puzzle. Starship Titanic ist monoton und ohne Besonderheiten. Einzig der Chat-Parser konnte mich eine Weile bei Laune halten, wurde aber schnell langweilig, da sich die Antworten bald wiederholen.
Just Adventure
I was extremely eager to get my hands on Starship Titanic. I’d read terrific reviews; I’m a Douglas Adams fan – I thought, how could I lose?
Tap-Repeatedly/Four Fat Chicks
Why, why, why? I can't even imagine what these people were thinking. It looks like an adventure game, it certainly has puzzles, places to explore, a plot, prerendered graphics, etc., but something was done with these elements here to make the completion of this game an equitable experience to having to get multiple doses of oral surgery.