Starsiege: Tribes Credits (Windows)

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Starsiege: Tribes Credits


Executive ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
ProducerKen Embery
DirectorTim Gift
Lead Software EngineerMark Frohnmayer
Art DirectorMark Brenneman
Lead DesignScott Youngblood
Software EngineerNels Bruckner, Clark Fagot, John Folliard, Lincoln Hutton, Brian Lee, Louie McCrady, Robert Mobbs, Dave Moore, David Scott, Tim Z. Andersen
Director, StarsiegeRick Overman
Lead 3D ArtistBarry Drew
Conceptual Art DesignShawn Sharp
Lead 3D Interior ArtistCraig Maitlen
IllustratorLuis Royo
3D ArtistJade Dhabolt, Ti-Ning Kwa, K. Maren Wyatt, Eric Soulvie, Weston Tracy, Thomas Van Velkinburgh, Tyrone Woodland
ArtistShayne Herrera, Chaiporn Panichrutiwong, Saritdikhun Somasa
Assistant Game Designer/WriterDavid Meddish
Mission EditingJohn W. Alden, Greg Lancaster, Mitch Shaw
WriterBlake Hutchins
CopyeditorLynne Ertie
Manual LayoutJerry Wiant
Web SupportBlake Carper
Lead Quality AnalystLloyd Madden, David Peterson
TesterEric Freel, Parker Hylton, Darion Lowenstein, Eddy Manso, Eric Schwake, Peter Wittig, Dustin Wright, Drew Zilm
MarketingShannon Bross, Jeff Hoff, Michelle Stephens
Assistant Account ManagerEgil G. Gloersen
Motion Capture Technical DirectorTroy McFarland
Motion Capture EditorJackie Haley, Brian Wright
Motion Capture Male TalentDonald Hom
Motion Capture Female TalentChari Hunter
Voice TalentMark Berry, Kiamalise Budak, Jason Cottle, Andromeda Dunker, Craig English, Kit Harris, Jay Hopper, Kate Myre, Matt Reidy, Kelly Wright

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dan Homerick (328)