Starsky & Hutch Credits (Windows)

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Starsky & Hutch Credits

Minds Eye Production

Managing DirectorMartin Batten
Senior ProducerSteven Metcalf
DesignBen Everett, Steve Holley, Andy Segal, Chris Kiveal, Kevin Cook
ProgrammingStuart Middleton, Julian Scott, Kevin Cook, Steve Keen, Mark Parry, Christopher Guest, Walter Bayer, Matt Taylor, John Lusty
ArtJake Hempson, Chris Parlor, David Price, Dean Wray, James Answer, Jim Kelly, Terry Jackson, Kheang Tan, Laurence Jenkins, Paul Young, Andrew Porter
Jester's PuppetGraham Rice, Tom Beesley
2D ArtStuart Howitt, Maya Gavin, Steve Packer, Ben Willsher, Leigh John, Debra Danu Matthews, Andy Evans, Robbie Bacon
Sound, Music and Additional StorylineTim Follin, Dave Sullivan, Matthew J. Costello
VO ScriptsSteve Holley
ProducersReza Elghazi, Mark Bevan
TestJames Brodie, Tobias Hagberg, Gavin Clark, Chris Jones, el Q in Bangalore
TEALanice Miller
Sound StudiosSide UK Limited, Around The Word, Discovery Entertainment

Empire Interactive

Executive ProducerDavid M. Pringle
ProductionAnthony J. Bond Jr.
StudioPhilip Goldfinch, Jayshree Mistry, Thomas Hodge, Jamie Young, Paul King, John Ferguson, Rob Cubbon
MarketingChris East, Adrian Arnese, Paul Benjamin, Nina Jenkins, Mark Cook
PR1‑Up Media
Empire EuropePhilippe Dao (Frankreich), Sevgi Kirik (Deutschland), Alison Ryan (Spanien), Laura Maestri (Italien)
Empire USAJames Lamorticelli, Stephen Wickes, Tricia Gray
Special ThanksJohn Quirk, Penny Quirk

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Credits for this game were contributed by jaXen (138111)