Startopia Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The task at hand, narrated by your impossibly cynical AI adviser VAL.
The Scuzzer Droid, you'll be relying on these chaps for construction, repairing and more.
Running a rehabilitation centre for criminals from all over the galaxy has its perils.
Groulien Salt Hog, man recyclers/factories.
The entertainment deck
Star Dock - essential for trading with passing merchant ships.
Sick bay
The BioDeck
You're a winner! of this mission anyway...
An empty bay
Scuzzers get to work.
The scuzzers construct an elevator.
Getting ready to build the sick-bay.
Everyone likes the lavatories.
I guess this guy had enough of the entertainment unit.
New guests arrive via the elevator.
This Jabba looking character has been hanging around the dormant scuzzers for too long.
Someone taking the teleporter.