State of Emergency Credits

WideGames LTD / PC Team

ProducerNeil Soane
Lead Software EngineerAdrian Brown
Software EngineerPaul Carpenter, Cliff Davies
QA ManagerLisa Gaillard
QA TechnicianEd Porter
With Thanks toCode Mafia, Emma Brown, Stuart Collier, Marc Hartsuiker, Jonathan Vinsome, Mark Dunn, Angie Childerhouse, Francis Lillie, Clare Davies, Callum Davies, Pete and Elaine, Dave and Anne

VIS Entertainment PLC Dunfermline Studio

Executive ProducerCraig Hunter
ProducerRobbie Graham
Consultant ProgrammersJonny Dobson, Richard Reavy, Peter Brace

Game Testing

Head of Game TestingRoland Smalley
Lead TesterBen Tayler
Game Test TeamAlex Bazlinton, Martin Booth, Andrew Harvey, Neil McPhillips, Bryan Robertson

Studio Management

Head of ProductionCraig Hunter
Head of SoftwareJonny Dobson
Head of ArtBruce Ballantine

VIS Management

Chief Executive OfficerChristiaan van der Kuyl
Executive DirectorPeter Baillie
Director of DevelopmentPaddy Burns
Head of Human ResourcesJohn Duthie
Financial ControllerLaura Calder
Brand Director Declan Brennan


ProducerAlison Wilson
DirectorJamie Bryan
Lead ProgrammerJonny Dobson
Software TeamPeter Brace, Christopher Trewartha
Head of R&DRichard Reavy
R&D Software TeamAngel Jimenez, Paul New
Art TeamMaxwell Cant, Iain McNaughton, Malcolm Shortt
Additional Art SupportAnna Chalk, Russell Hughes, Rachel Segans, Paul Webb
DesignMartin Connor, Peter Shea
Many Thanks toThe original State of Emergency PS2 team George Campbell at McGrigor Donald and the rest of VIS Entertainment PLC.

Take 2 Interactive

Group Production MangerJon Broadbridge
Group Production Coordinator Chris Madgwick
Group Localisation CoordinatorMaike Köhler
DesignJames Quinlan, Tom Baker, Selena Miffling
Group Design ManagerJames Crocker
Online Marketing ManagerJulian Hoddy
Trade Marketing ManagerMark Jackson

Take 2 QA Europe

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
QA SupervisorKit Brown
TestersJonathan Stones, Antoine Cabrol, Steven Bell, Alain Dellepiane, Michael Blackburn, Philip Alexander, Jason Kokkorakis

Voice Over Artists

BullFat Man Scoop
FreakMorgan Phillips
LibraJean Grae
McNeillTom Silverman
Other CharactersAida Ruiloa, Carlo McCormick, Craig Wedren, Dan Fries, Jean Grae, Jesse Berdinka, Lord Sear, Matt Ting, Mr. Len, Navid Khonsari, Nicholas Montgomery, Steven Powers, Heather Smith
Sound EngineerNicholas Montgomery
Production CoordinatorTracee Chimo
StudioDig It Audio
Additional Audio EditingGeraldine Rainford
Guitar Gregor Philp

State of Emergency Theme Song

Performed bySmash Mechanics Feat. M. Thorton
Produced byPhaze Future for Future Music
Engineered byMirk at Stage One Studios

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stillman (7624)