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STCC tracks
STCC cars
Loading screen
Track in Norway
Formula 3000. So powerful, driving it seems like fast-forwarding a recording.
Caterham - inside
Caterham - outside. The cars are very detailed.
Choosing the Honda Accord.
Choosing the Seat Leon.
Starting a race under heavy rain.
Singing in the rain...
Wait for me!!!
The sun dimmed up in the sky.
Inspecting if the grass is growing by European standards, off the track there.
Racing with the pack.
I don't like Audis. So I punish them like this
The "rammer" (left) and the "rammee" (right) :)
Crazy track in Sweden, this chicane is like a rollercoaster
Beating the Honda by a millisecond
The chain of merry happenings
Starting from the pits in Göteborg
Hot pursuit
Green Bimmer on my 6
Missing inspiration for this picture caption :)
Green Bimmer. It must mean it's super eco-environment-friendly
Always ahead (in the screenshots that I take, at least)