Written by  :  MrSuperGod (58)
Written on  :  Nov 21, 2003
Platform  :  Windows
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Looks better than the arcade.

The Good

The graphics are better compared to the arcade. The alpha combos make it soooo much better than the first street fighter. The pyrotechnics type explosion seen when you defeat a fighter with your alpha combo is an awesome sight! Once you unlock the special characters and team mode it makes the game even better.

The Bad

When you push the difficulty to the max setting the AI becomes psychic, they know every move your going to perform before you even perform it, it's not as challenging as it is frustrating. Fighting Sagat is a whole different can of beans, he backs himself into a corner and performs his tiger fire ball move over and over until your ready to punch the damn monitor. It'll piss you off believe me! And who could forget the scrolling background, enough to make you sea sick Oy!

The Bottom Line

If you liked the arcade rendition than you'll love this one. i picked this one up for 5 bucks, well worth it!