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Car GuideContributed by Austin Vetter (2) on Apr 08, 2003.

Compact:You usually get this one when you play the regular scenarios (except the races). It doesn`t carry very many weapons, but it`s not THAT slow. Okay if you have little money.

Sports: Carrys less weapons than the Sedan and slower than the Racer, but you can say it`s the mediumest car.

Racer: Very fast and important for races, but not great for deliverys or deathmatches.

Sedan: Speedy and loaded with weapons and can carry plenty of packages. A great choice for "nothing much".

Truck: Can carry lots of weapons and packages and very strong, but definently NOT useful for races! (Very slow)

Hunters: These cars stalk the streets, looking for a victim. And when they see it, they attack in groups. And they`re everywhere! Don`t panic, they`re not very strong.

Cops: Well, they`re police cars! They may carry a machine now and then, but they`re most infamous for they`re tickets.

Couriers: They`re trying to do a delivery. So there. They never try to destroy you. Never shoot at them when you`ve got a pack of hunters and a cop chasing you.

Rogues: They`re trucks. They are usually trying to destroy at least one building in the city, not just you. I never see them in Player`s Choice mode.

Speeders and innocents: When you destroy the regular cars and even the speeders, you will often lose a scenario.

Others: I think there are other cars. Let`s see how many you can find.

Armor: It protects your car. They`re two types. They`ll eventually wear away.

Airfoil:It will make your car actually float above the ground. Go over a hill or activate the hopper and see what happens.

Shield:Protect yourself against anything. Pick up battery packs or it`ll go out eventually.

Hopper:Make your car a bouncy one. Hop over water and other cars.

Military Radar: Detect what car it really is, how soon you`ll destroy it, and where it is.

Cop Radar: Shows cops as blue dots. Look on the map and slow down or turn away.

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