Streets of SimCity Hints (Windows)

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CheatsContributed by STING007 (34) on Aug 29, 2000.

Cheat mode:

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + X to display the cheat code prompt. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The Cheat codes may only be enabled in player's choice mode. However the cow frags, mr fabulous, earth, moon, and jupiter codes can be used in career mode. To do so, enter player's choice mode and enable any of thos codes. Then, go to your career, and the same codes will activated.

Effect                                       Code 
Full ammo                                 lock and load  
No damage                               im back 
Invincibility                               mr fabulous  
Enable cruise control                  cruise control  
$999,999                                   sampo 
Press [F3] to view cow frags          cow frags  
All weapons and power-ups             beefcake beefcake  
Moon gravity                                moon 
Martian gravity                            mars  
Jupiter's gravity                            jupiter  
Reset gravity to Earth level             earth  

Extra money: Do not buy armor on a level. Go out and get a armor add, go to a gas station and you will have level 1 armor. Sell it and repeat as needed.

Floating road: Use SCURK to make a causeway across a small lake. Then, bulldoze the ramps and fill their former positions with water. Now, you have a floating road over a lake.

Hint: Fly High in the air: The Hopper and Airfoil are required for this trick. Activate the Airfoil, then immediately activate the Hopper. Hold down the Hopper button until you are high enough in the air.

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