Written by  :  emerging_lurker (178)
Written on  :  Aug 27, 2000
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The Good

Hmmmmmmmm...............well, the way it crashes your computer is fun in a masochistic way.

The Bad

I pull this game out of the box of Sim classics I just spent my hard-earned money on. I remember it getting bad reviews, so it sat as far away from my computer as possible. But, finally, I convinced myself to play it. And what I saw was a crime against humanity. The graphics, for the time were so-so, but even on my 1000 megahertz Athlon, I still get slowdown. Plus, the game plays horribly too! The engine has more bugs then a porch light. I've heard better music in PC speaker games. The controls are so sensitive, a simple tap of the left arrow sends the car carreening off the road I have a suggestion - the makers should be taken outside and shot.

The Bottom Line

Wow! You love bad gameplay? Buy this game! Oh, you don't? THEN STAY AWAY, FOR GOD'S SAKE!