Written by  :  Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2425)
Written on  :  Mar 06, 2000
Rating  :  0.2 Stars0.2 Stars0.2 Stars0.2 Stars0.2 Stars

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The Good

What did I like...hmmmmmmmm??? Well you can uninstall it. And one of the songs was ok.

The Bad

Just about everything, the game engine appears to be a port from Sim Copter, thusly leading to the question, physics model? What physics model? Which leads to my next question, there is AI in this game? I thought the cars just ran around randomly hoping that they might shoot you. The sound effects are terrible and the music isn't much better. Then there are the graphics and I squint at the screen and ask myself, what IS that? I've seen bad 3d engines before, take Strife for example, but this is just terrible. And the plot behind the game is crazy too, pick up packages and deliver them, this wouldn't be so bad but I'm not given a reason for doing this other than for small amounts of money.

The Bottom Line

If I could give this game a negative score, I probaly would.