Strike Fighters: Project 1 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Mission briefing
Cockpit view
External view
Mission loading screen
Campaign selection screen
Mission briefing
Mission creation screen
Hangar screen
Aircraft load-out selection
Control says I'm clear to engage. Shame the enemy started firing already. Game over
Flying as an A-4B Skyhawk. That's my wing man over on the left. There's two more on the right
This is the A-4B Skyhawk
It's possible to look ahead and see the targets. Here it's enemy tanks but it could be anti-aircraft guns, other planes etc
This is the A-4C Skyhawk
This is the A-4E Skyhawk
Flying a close-support mission in the F-100D Super Sabre
Flying a close support mission in the F-104F Starfighter
This is the F-4B Phantom II in the early morning light
This is the F-4C Phantom II at dusk
This is the F-4D Phantom II flying the same mission at dawn
A close up of the F-4E Phantom II.
In the single missions the weather conditions can be varied as well as the time of day. This is a Starfighter flying in inclement weather
Here's a Skyhawk from the USS Saratoga in bad weather
The campaign can be flown as the U S Air Force, the US Navy or ...
.. the campaign can be flown as the US Marines
The campaign mode can also be flown as a mercenary unit. Their action starts at night which is lousy for shots of the aircraft's livery but great for seeing the gunfire
When the Options item is selected from the main menu the player gets to see these screens and configure the game
At the end of each mission is a score sheet. The player can accept the score or can wimp out and exit to the main menu via the ESC key or the icon in the top left
The start of the campaign. The last line of the text should end with 'Somewhere in the desert'. After this there's a mission briefing followed by the hangar screen where the plane is equipped