Written by  :  JubalHarshaw (200)
Written on  :  Jan 12, 2000
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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The ultimate Internet action game!

The Good

From the minute I loaded version 1.09 from the demo disk that shipped with Red Alert , I knew I had found something special.

The simplicity of this game is beautiful. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Imagine, if you will, Asteroids with hundreds of players, rowdy power-ups, safe zones, and mad trash talking via built in chat. Add a spectator mode for lurking and multiple game types for those who want more structure than just "Chaos". Does multiplayer gaming get any better?

Sure it does. Open beta test it for around 2 years, build a huge underground following, tweak every last bug right out of the code ... then release and include a server with the game and your multiplayer classic lives forever. I can't say enough good things about this game. I turned all my friends on to it and now most of them are hopelessly addicted! :)

The Bad

VIE could have done a better job promoting and marketing this game, and turned it into the phenomenon it deserved to be. (In many ways it is one anyway, so ...) Unfortunately, for many reasons, this didn't come to pass. Fear not, however, the designers are currently working on Infantry , another massively multiplayer soon-to-be classic!

The Bottom Line

Go right now to "Related Sites" and download a copy. It's free, it's fun, and it is totally fantastic.