Success Story Credits


ProducingVadim Kumerov (Ergeal)
ArtIvan Nekaev (E_neo), Anna Lysenko, Olga Lebedeva
Programmingmcfrei, Evgeniy Pronin
System ProgrammingIvan Yanikov (_winnie)
Game designVadim Kumerov (Ergeal), mcfrei
SoundGaijin Sound
MusicThe Sands
Third‑party software componentsDagor Enegine Casual Edition, (c)Dagor Technologies, 2005-2006, FMOD Sound System, (c)Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd, 1994-2006, libjpeg, work of the Independent JPEG Group., Powered by Boost C++ Library
Special thanks toThe God, The Internet, you :)

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