Sudden Strike II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Attacking an soviet tank
Securing enemy factory area
German airfield
The game starts with a cinematic-like introduction that shows an attack on a base of some sort. It's suitably multinational in that it does not seem to represent any particular nation
The main menu
These are the game's configuration options
The 'ratings' option from the main menu brings up the list of campaigns and missions
The Single Player missions start with the selection / creation of a user id. Spaces are allowed in the name
There are campaigns available from each of these five nations
The first German mission. Like all missions it starts with a briefing that's both presented as text and narrated. The diamond shows the battle map. Objectives are drawn as they are discussed
The start of the first German mission. The welcome screen summarises the objectives
The players forces are selected via the mouse. They are shown in the mini map too
The objective is to capture these factories and to hold the bridge. The view is very dark & gloomy. Light only appears when troops are present
This shot shows how the game uses light to show the soldier's field of view. All soldiers have been sent to the same location yet some have gone across the bridge and others have not
This is the in-game options screen that's displayed when ESC is pressed. Nice to see that the game sped can be adjusted
This is the Save / Load screen
... and this is the Exit screen
These are the single player missions. These are independent of the single payer campaigns
The first mission in the Japanese campaign. The narrator now has a Japanese like accent and the map objectives use different colours
Sudden Strike II installs a map editor along with the game. This is the default map that is present when the editor starts
The editor allows the tutorial & multiplayer maps to be edited. here different types of terrain are showing.