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Sudeki (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Sudeki Credits

CLIMAX - Sudeki PC Team

Executive ProducersKarl Jeffrey, Simon Gardner
General ManagerPhilip James
Art DirectorJames Brace
Technical DirectorChris Keegan
ProducerMark Simmons
Project PlannerGary Burchell
Lead ProgrammerDave Owens
ProgrammersRichard Nutman, Dominic Wong, Chris Wasmuth, Leigh Bird, Stewart Lynch
ArtistsJerry Smith
DesignersMark Davies
Lead TesterSameer Malik
TestersRussell Lynn
Special ThanksPeader Connolly, Josh Goldberg, Sarah Wells, Louise Booker, Pebbles , Tereza Owens, Paris Rae Owens, Pharrell Ronnie Owens, Lara , Freya 


Development ManagerPatrick Armstrong
Production DirectorPeter Dalton
Production CoordinatorElaine Green
Graphic DesignSita Lambden
SalesBarry Hatch, Matt Hill
PR ManagerMartin Kitney
Senior Product ManagerRob Bartholomew
Product ManagerSuzanne Taylor
Marketing AssistantPenny Allchurch
Quality AssuranceRelQ

Original Sudeki Game Development Team

Game DirectorJason Avent
ProducerMark Simmons
Assistan ProducerTim Adams
Lead DesignerTuomas Pirinen
DesignersCal Blagbrough, Mark Davies, Trevor Gamon, Bill Green, Don Kirkland, Nana Louise Nielsen, Kevin Nolan, Gareth Noyce, James Parham, Matthew Simmonds
Designer \ ScriptwriterEamon Murtagh
Lead ProgrammerStewart Lynch
Lead Tech ProgrammerLeigh Bird
ProgrammersWill Bolam, Dean Calver, Andrew Earle, Alex Houghton, Gareth Lewin, Mark Lyhane, Mark Neale, Barry Northern, Richard Nutman, Dave Owens, Lee Reeves, Chris Wasmuth, Dominic Wong
Art ManagerChris Gottgetreu
Lead Environment ArtistsDan Attwell, Richard Turner
Evironment ArtistAndi Forster, Chris Gregory, Gerrit Lindenboom, Pete Maton, Graham Potts
Lead Character ArtistKevin Martin
Character ArtistJim Manning, Francis Martins, Elco Vossers
Lead AnimatorIain Haskell
AnimatorsJames Clark, Andrew Davies, Guy Davies, Yasumiko Cindy Lo, Ross Stanton, Lexi Sydie
Lead SFX ArtistThor Hayton
SFX ArtistsDuncan Brown, Paul Christey, Alex Cole, Shareef El Shana, Neale Williams
UI ArtistJerry Smith
Concept ArtistsJason Brashill, Niki Hunter, Phillip M. Jackson
Technical ArtistsGreg Cox, Doug Townsley, Wai-Hung Wan
Lead Sound DesignerTom Colvin
Sound DesignersMark Knight
Lead QASameer Malik
QA TeamRussell Linn, Barry Martin, Stuart Thomson
Contract Test TeamAndy Dobson, Ben Mason, David Kesteven, Jarek Klieber, Josh Roulston, Rob Shread, Arron Shutt
Climax Group ITJim Clews

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Credits for this game were contributed by Gonchi (3675)