Advertising Blurbs

Inside Flaps (U.S./Canada):
    The Most Realistic Real-World Simulator Ever Created.

    Plan your taxation strategy carefully to ensure you have got the funding to grow your population, keeping them well-fed, well-educated, and working.

    Buy and sell resources such as ore, cereals, meat and energy. Strategically allocate your available funds to keep your economy growing.

    Manage your country's real-world armed forces. Deploy units and make - or break - treaties with other nations to strengthen your global influence and power.

    Keep your people happy and your government will stand. If your actions prove unpopular with the people, they'll let you know about it!

    Secret Service
    Use espionage to plot the overthrow of opposing governments. Rig elections or incite revolt to turn the population against their leaders.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9555) on Sep 04, 2002.

Back of Box (U.S./Canada):
    Strategy & Global Domination

    The War on Terrorism is Just the Beginning...

    A complete world simulator

    A truly unique military and geo-political simulator, SuperPower allows you the ability to decide on how you want to play the game. Built using actual data from the CIA World Factbook and Periscope, the United States Naval Institute World Military Database, play as any one of 140 nations and strive to solve the real-world economic, social and political problems facing that country. From a military standpoint, there are more than 4,000 unique deployable units which can be used to fight strategic battles anywhere around the globe.

    Computer-controlled countries are independent entities that actually learn from their actions

    SuperPower's highly sophisticated "EHE" (Evolutive Human Emulator) is a revolutionary approach to artificial intelligence, combining both neural networks and expert systems. Computer-controlled countries are independent entities that actually learn. They learn how to solve their problems, how to play against each other and how to play against YOU!

    Fight in real-world locations from a complete topographical map of the globe

    You must use demography, politics, economy, military and secret services to achieve your goals. Relying on only 1 sector may ultimately result in being conquered or overthrown. You must carefully balance your strategic initiatives to achieve ultimate global domination.

    Choose from 140 nations using real-world, United Nations data.

    Use nuclear strikes to defeat your enemies....but only as a last resort!

    Research military technology from a database of 4,000 unique units.

    Fight your battles in the real-world on a topographical map drawn accurately to the square kilometer.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9555) on Sep 04, 2002.