SuperPower Credits

Golem Labs

Original Game ConceptJean-René Couture
Game DesignJean-René Couture, Sébastien Kerjean, Luc Lussier, Germain Sauvé
ProgrammingJean-René Couture, Luc Lussier, Germain Sauvé
Original EHE design and programmingLuc Lussier
ArtSébastien Kerjean
3D ModellingSébastien Kerjean, Darren Weaver
ManualSébastien Kerjean, Jean-René Couture
Sound EffectsSébastien Kerjean
Additional researchBrandon D. Wales, Victor Feltes, Darren Weaver, Alex Thompson, Carl Keenan
Quality control@zmyth , Acel , Adam Muhib, Alex Thompson, Amitabh Joshi, Arcanus , Brandon D. Wales, Carl Keenan, Christian Weidelman, Christopher Rochelle, Darren Weaver, Eric J. Luttrell, Frank Thein, Frédéric Oriol, James Colraine, Jefe , Jerushal , Joseph Futrell, Kitsune , Lonna Evans, Marcus Thornton, Michael Bielak, Michael Hurst, Pedro Silva, Saint , Scott Chaney, Silver , Simon Ludgate, Snall Trippin, Tom Brierton, Victor Feltes


PresidentRichard Wah Kan
VP MarketingMarshall Zwicker
Product Manager Brian Gladman
Packaging and DesignSean Thompson
QA TestingMike Mitres, Nick Mucci, Aldo Fazzari
Website DesignPatrick Travers, Barry Lachapelle

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Credits for this game were contributed by Brian Gladman (210)