SuperPower Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu.
Choosing a country and objectives.
This is the population screen, showing everything related to the growth of your country.
You can research different subjects, mostly military.
You can build existing weapons, or create new ones.
Secret service actions are a great way to gain support. If they succeed.
The financial screen shows all aspects of your country's wealth, from tax rate to GNP.
At the end of every turn, you are given a overview of what actions your country will perform.
Many reports are available at the end of a turn.
Other countries may offer you alliances or treaties, and may declare war.
Various events will happen around the globe, which will have an impact on the world.
You can view your entire military force, or just units stationed at a specific base or city.
Your advisor tells you of any problems, and who is threatening you.
I've just built the Nuclear Giant, a nuclear missile with advanced properties.
You can zoom into specific cities to see the surrounding area for troop movements.
When you're ready to launch a missle, you enter the strategic warfare screen.
You can move units to other nations in a friendly or hostile manor.
In this case, Iceland defended against my invasion attempt.
You can view the launch of your missiles in real time.
The battlefield screen appears when you attack, to help you coordinate troop movement.