Supreme Ruler 2020 Credits

Battlegoat Studios

Lead DesignerDavid Thompson
Lead ProgrammerGeorge Geczy
Project ManagerDaxon Flynn
Graphics ManagerChristian Latour
Game DesignDaxon Flynn, Christian Latour
Lead Graphic ArtistStephane Corre
Concept ArtSylvain Coutouly
3D ModelsStephane Corre, Christian Latour
Map EditingStephane Corre, George Geczy, Christian Latour, Daxon Flynn, Terrain Graphics, Rob McConnell
ResearchChristian Latour, Daxon Flynn, David Thompson, George Geczy, Rebecca Thompson
Design Contributor / Principal TesterPeter Gilman
Satellite ImagerySource Imagery data from NASA, Topography data from United States Geological Survey, Reto Stockli (from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for imagery datasets compilation and creation), Thanks for the help!
Military AdvisorsKeith Jacobs, Richard Byrd, Slash78, Narayan Sengupta, Major Forum Contributors, Baloogan/Empier 4552, Lightbringer/Son of Moose, Tkobo/Slash78, Dust off/Feltan, bergsjaeger/Big Stone, Draken/Red
Database AssistantSteven Cain
StorylineDavid Thompson
Manual & Other WritingDavid Thompson, George Geczy
Copy EditorPaul Latour
Special Thanks toSandra, Robyn, Sara, Rebecca, Amanda, Matthew, Nicholas, Baby Flynn, Bailey, and all the rest of our families who tolerate all the long hours of game development and unconditionally support our efforts.
Special AcknowledgementGeorge Geczy (on the 25th Anniversary of his original Supreme Ruler for the TRS-80)
Special Inspirational Gratitude toThe Goat

Paradox Interactive

President and CEOTheodore Bergquist
Executive ProducerFredrik Wester
CFOLena Eriksson
VP Sales & Marketing USReena M. Miranda
Marketing and PRSusana Meza Graham, Sofia Forsgren
Operations ManagerJosefina Larssen
Product ManagerBoel Bermann
Business DeveloperErik Helmfridsson
SVP DistributionMartin Sirc
Q&AChristopher King
Technical ManagerUlf Hedblom
Support ManagerAndreas Pousette
WebMartin Ericsson
Special Thanksto all our forum members; partners; and supporters; who are integral for our success.
Cover ArtJonas Persson
Title LogotypeStefan Thulin
Manual LayoutMadebyMelina & One Size Fits All
Box LayoutChristian Sabe
LocalizationS&H Entertainment Localization
EditingRyan Newman (Digital Wordsmithing), Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh (Digital Wordsmithing)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Indra is stressed (20731)