Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
There he is, Abraham Grey.
Abraham's "inner self" acts as a tutor.
A quick chat with the bartender
Stats and an inventory, or, the RPG part
The Perks are presented in a Falloutoresk style.
The ships cargo hold, notice the slaves (!)
Abraham's "Playground"
Those Governors are Abraham's main source of missions.
Hellooooo sister!
The harbor
Notice the circle near this Confederate town, this means the Port is blockaded and Abraham has to fight his way through.
Ship-to-ship battle
Boarding an enemy vessel.
Mano-e-Mano with the enemy captain
Abraham can do some boxing for money.
Off with his head!
The city view
The loading screens feature nice artwork and some (rather redundant) advice.
Never bring a knife to a gunfight.
The game is quite bloody!
Advancing into the engine room.
This ship is under Abrahams protection.
As the game progresses, several "Super Guns" like this gatling gun, become available.
One of the bosses
The sheriff aka the save point
As the game progress, "sailing" doesn't cut it any more.
Careful debugging is the key to success.
Chuck Norris would be proud.
Say 'ello to my little friend.
He is rather headless today ...
Heavy Metal!
Abraham needs to protect this guy from harm.
Who wants to mess with me ?!
Not a bug, but "rage mode"
Assaulting an enemy shipyard.
This guy is a god-dam machine (literally!).
Look, Richard Branson!