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Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows (Windows)

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Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows Credits

Kerberos Productions

Lead DesignMartin Cirulis
DesignChristoper Stewart, Arinn Dembo
Background MaterialsArinn Dembo
Lead ArtistChris Gerspacher
3D ArtistsJohn Yakimow, Ryan Blanks, Teresa Johnson, John Ku, Claire Roberts
2D ArtistKen Lee
Programming LeadDarren Grant
ProgrammingDavid Salsman, Richard Hawkes, Ian Ho
Alien DesignArinn Dembo, Martin Cirulis, Ken Lee
CinematicsChris Gerspacher, Christoper Stewart
Additional ArtAdrian Dimalanta, Alex McGilvray, Lee Salo
Additional ProgrammingJason Wylie
ProducerChristoper Stewart
Chief Financial OfficerLance Davis
ControllerGloria Davis
Music Composition / Studio ProductionPaul Ruskay, Studio X Productions
Sound Effects / Dialogue EditingRob Plotnikoff, Greg Sabitz
Voice ActingToren Atkinson, Matt Anderson, Dawn Daniels, Arinn Dembo, Taylor Latour, Maya Matthew, Deborah Merrick, Nicole Schmidt
Additional VoiceMartin Cirulis, Teresa Johnson, Christoper Stewart
Tester PrimePaul Tobia (Rorschach)
InternsSam Freemantle, Nicolas Bossy, Richard Aura, Ted DiNola
TestersAndroid, Blazer, BrassGecko, blazewardog, Chris, ChaosMaster130, DanMonkey, Day, dieguito15, dark trooper, Elethiomel, Glacialis, helthhazerd, Kirok, Mister Pibbles, Narkis, Paladin, pickle900400, Pengu, Psymon, rache, Skyl3azer, Sejuiro, SirTomster, the ubernoob, TrademasterAdam, Unwashed Pleb, Zabaron
Special ThanksCrista Winchester, Paul Tobia, &, Amy Tobia, Troy Bruckner, Keith Durocher, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Penny Arcade, Freya Cirulis, Moses Cirulis, The Hive Studios, Lee Pederson, Edmund Alexander Emshwiller, The Zodiac Club Cafe on Broadway, All the kids on the Kerberos boards, Sean Murch, Rob Edgar, Daniel Irish, Doug Tronsgard, Scott Ferris, Kirk Takai, Laura Jo Gunther,, Hair by Darcey, Chris Denschikof, The McDonald's on Main, The Wendy's on Cambie, Imperial Hobbies Richmond, Elfsar Comics Vancouver, For their Support, Faith, and Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, Out Family and Friends

Lighthouse Interactive

CEOErik Schreuder
Vice President Business DevelopmentSteve Wall
Retail Sales DirectorHoward Newmark
Director of OperationsHans José
Global Marketing DirectorLorraine Lue
Development Manager / European Public RelationsRaymond Snippe
Art DirectorMichael van Zijl
Junior PR ManagerTamara Robeer
Associate ProducerAllison Skerl
Q&A & DesignTim Reuijl
Marketing & PR AssistantKimara Rouwit

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ted DiNola (54)