Syberia II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main menu
Click on "Syberia Recap" from the main menu to catch up with the story
Colonel Emeliov
Mechanical horses
New outfit
Kate disguised as a monk
Ray of light - Monastery
Cabin - Russian Wildness
Kate wakes up in the Youkal village
Kate must figure out how to get past these huge drums.
Youkol village
Kate travel to Syberia from Youkol village
Every piece of reading you find has something important in it.
One of your first puzzles is to get candy from these machines
It really looks like a winter wonderland
A quaint bridge over a babbling brook
A strange bird calling gizmo
Direct a real, live lemming in this maze!
A Youki. This little fellow becomes a sort of "pet".
The train outside of the Youkal village
Hans getting treated by the shaman
Sometimes the penguins get in your way!
Call the mammoths using the big pipes
The game continues right where the prequel ended
Looks like the circus is in town
Need to start the generator
A monastery at the top of the mountain
Arriving at the monastery disguised as one of the monks
Inside the monastery
The candle puzzle
Using coffin as a sled
The tracks will only take me this far
Your furry companion seems to be enjoying the frozen countryside
The hunter's cabin
Talking to a Russian space pilot who launched in previous game only to crash here
The frozen cavern
Following the white owl
Kate seeing real mammoths for the first time