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    Get The Real Dirt Or Just Get Filthy Rich.

    Dark secrets revealed or just made up stories?
    It’s up to you. Build your tabloid into the most “respected” paper in this outrageous industry. From hilarious headlines to the most bizarre situations, you’re in charge of it all.

    It’s the whole truth and nuthin’ but the truth, sort of…
    • Use your business acumen to weigh big risks for big growth—risk questionable stories, use blackmail and even sabotage to build your rag’s sales.
    • You’re the brains behind the operation. Manage your staff, control your budget and pick your headlines to build a media conglomerate.
    • Make your family and friends either stars or laughing stocks by importing their pictures into your tabloid.

    Make Your Tabloid Your Very Own!
    Share with the world! Print your favorite stories or even the entire newspaper, email to your friends or post online.

    Cash for Trash
    Hire the best reporters and paparazzi money can buy to create the most outrageous stories and get the most revealing photos.

    Truth is Stranger than Fiction
    Fill your rag with thousands of shocking and uproarious headlines using the in-game story templates.

    Tactless to Truthful
    You're in charge. Use your business cunning to grow your tabloid from a local start up to a multi-million dollar media empire.

    Growth at Any Cost
    You won't make it big without taking big chances. Risk running unverified stories to increase circulation—but have a team of lawyers ready to defend against libel suits.

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