Tachyon: The Fringe Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title menu
Jake Logan, protagonist
Central Hub at one of the many starbases
Your inventory at the beginning
The galactic map at the very start
Your first ship, an Orion, in the hangar
The shipyard
Configuring your Orion
Configuring a Battleaxe
Susan Bradley, leader of the Bora, has a job for you
TNS News channel, available at every starbase
Sphinx to Frontier
Cockpit view
Different ship, different cockpit
Exterior view
Your Orion in front of a space station
Alpha Starbase
Bora Battleaxe
Bora Cutlass
Bora Warhammer traveling thru wormhole
Colony Station
Twilight Zone (foggy)
GalSpan Orion in wormhole
Preparing my Warhammer for battle
Into the battle!
Targetting an asteroid
Boom! The asteroid is gone
Hull critical! Your hull, that is.
A heavy freighter
Docking with a heavy freighter
Defending a colossal ship
One of the eponymous tachyon gates
The Freedom Starbase of the Bora people
Bora starbase interior
New Vegas Starbase
Leaving New Vegas
Multiplayer options